Just kidding. I don't really do Newsletters. I don't have time to write them, and let's be honest, you don't have time to read them.

And Time, my dear reader, is our only true currency in this crazy life. If you're interested in reading my work, you're already giving me enough of your time.

So, no boring Newsletter for you!

But wait, how will you ever know what I'm up to?

Add your name to "The List" and when there's something to know, I'll send you the goods. That's it, I swear. No monthly influx of what I'm currently reading, listening to, dreaming about, no schedule of how many times I took a shit that month. I promise to only reach out when there's news worthy of your time (and mine).

I'm currently in the drafting phase of my Fantasy Rom Com, so it's gonna be a while.

(This girl hates spam as much as you do. I solemnly swear to never send spam.)