Warning – Spoilers Below!

Do Not Read Until You Have Finished Star Walker, book 1

Why are the stars called Ravi?

Ravi means “sun” in Sanskrit. Ravi is also a Hindu god of the sun.

What are Groundlings?

A derogatory term the Ravi use for humans.

Can all Ravi use Sparks?

No. It is a skill that must be taught then mastered. While most Ravi have a Spark, very few know how to access it.

Can all Ravi heal like Aris does?

No. That is a gift only bestowed on the five Naacal. It was to be able to keep the Source safe at all costs.

Did the Ravi live on Earth before humans, or were humans here first?

Most of this will be explained in Book 3, but for now, humans were here first. The Ravi use humans for their vehicles (bodies) to live a physical existence for a while. Then it’s back to their energetic forms in the cosmos.

I am obsessed with the chemistry between Skylar and Aris! Any chance of them having sex soon?

Well someone has a one track mind. But yes, Skylar and Aris have mad chemistry and while Skylar tends to guard her heart, she’s not shy when she decides what she wants. But this is a trilogy, so we’ve got time. So keep it in your pants, dear reader. I promise, it will not disappoint.

I love Dylan! Will we get to see more of her?

Dylan takes center stage in Book 2. And yes, I love her too.

Skylar seems to grow over the course of the book, especially when it came to her dad’s death. Does that mean she’s over it?

Just like in real life, she will never “get over it.” It will haunt her forever. But yes, she was learning to live through the grief, with some help from Aris of course.

What are Death Stalkers and why are they so powerful?

Ah, now this is a secret. All will be revealed shortly, but alas, you’ll have to wait for Book 2.

In the end of Star Walker (book 1), Skylar says something about having a Plan B, what does this mean?

A little bread crumb to this answer was planted in Chapter Six. Happy Reading!

I loved the Pocket! Do you believe in alternate dimensions?

I believe in everything. Especially the impossible.

Is Skylar a virgin?

I honestly don’t know. Skylar’s very guarded, even to me.

Is Aris a virgin?

He’s been trapped inside the body of an 18-year-old boy for nearly two decades. What do you think?

I am in love with Quinn. Any chance he gets his own love interest?

Oh boy, did you ask the right question. Quinn will indeed get his own love interest and true to Quinn’s powerful presence, it will be quite steamy.

I want to know more about Julian, Eve and Mr. X. Can I get more of a backstory on them?

Yes. They will all play a vital role in the books to come.

If HALO were real, would you try it?


While I’m not a drug user, and I wouldn’t want my shell to be hollowed out for some Ravi to use, the thought of being able to talk to a dead loved one would be too tempting to pass up. Even knowing it’s just memories, to see a memory as if it were really there would be almost the same as having that person back.

You see, some deaths you never “get over.”