I'm a writer living in the Pacific Northwest. I write fiction for children, MG, and YA, with the occasional essay on women's issues, brain injury, parenting, or humor. When I'm not writing (or reading), you can find me sipping wine on the patio of my beautifully wooded acres, arguing with my boys over who's the best Marvel superhero, or talking myself into small acts of bravery like kayaking the ocean of the San Juan Islands or making a phone call.


I am a huge weenie. Seriously, I'm scared of everything. Aliens, sink holes, germs, you name it and I can give you a reason to fear it. And that's the small print of living with anxiety. I can "what if" you under the table. Which does come in handy when it comes to my writing. Since I'm not brave in the slightest, I find myself drawn to intensely heroic characters. You know, the ones who hear a noise and climb the dark stairwell to investigate. Yeah, that's not me. But it is my characters. I sort of live vicariously through them. So if stories of strength is your thing, then by all means, stick around. Because this Weenie writing about heroes is just getting started.