Star Walker

Seventeen-year-old Skylar Voss is having a bad week: she’s been hunted, kidnapped, drowned, shot at, imprisoned, punched and chained to a chair. And if that isn’t bad enough, she is going to die with the mind-numbing stylings of Barry Manilow playing in the background.

She blamed it all on Aris; the boy who teleported into her life.

When Aris insists she help with the small task of saving the universe, Skylar reluctantly agrees. After all, her life is a mess. With a grief stricken mother, a twin in denial and her older brother Quinn choosing his new job over them, Skylar’s ready for a change. Plus, Aris has answers about her father. Answers she can’t live without.

But as Skylar travels to the ends of the earth with Aris, she quickly realizes he threatens to stir inside her the very thing she swore to never let out of its cage: her heart.



Daddy's Different: A Look at Brain Injury Through a Child's Eyes  

Jack's Daddy is acting different, but he still looks the same. When Daddy comes home with a Brain Injury, Jack struggles to accept the new changes in him. Jack associates Daddy's new behavior with all sorts of wild animals, from a forgetful Squirrel to a grumpy Grizzly Bear. Follow Jack on this incredible journey into acceptance and the life lesson that Love can survive any injury.