Hey humans! I’m working on my second novel and hoping to have it out in search of an agent by Summer 2020. But I can’t do it alone. I’m looking for a few good patrons to help me along the way. Please support this starving artist by heading over to my Patreon page, where I’ll document my underdog’s journey to publication. (Not sure what Patreon is? Go here.)

If you’ve ever wondered how the sausage gets made, or simply want to be that person who can say “I read it first…” then help this shy girl out. I’ve tried the blog thing, I’ve tried the get followers for no reason thing, I’ve even considered (for a very tiny, fraction of a nano second) starting a podcast or booktube or e-course, or any other crazy extroverted scheme writers do these days to get people to read their stuff.

But here’s the thing, it’s not me. And if it’s not me, it’s not authentic. Which means I’m not good at it. And I don’t want to be. I just want to tell good stories and have people read them. I want to create characters that build lasting relationships with you, the reader. I want to transport you from one reality to another. To make you laugh. To make you cry. To make you feel, for even a moment, less alone on this floating rock. And to do any of that, I need to write. Not post everyday on social media. Not craft newsletters and blogs, or host contests and giveaways. I want my stories to speak for themselves so one day, you’ll seek me out to tell you another. To me, that’s how true authors are born.

Will I connect with my patrons each month and be as raw and exposed as possible? Absolutely! Because you will be my fire. The one I’ve needed beneath me for so long to make me brave, to make me actually do the thing I’ve longed to do. I’ll be authentically real. No bullshit. No fluff. And you’ll get to root for this shy girl with a pen.

Because everyone loves a good underdog story. I’m simply inviting you to be a part of mine.